Risk Assessment

A comprehensive risk assessment informs the risk reduction
and response & recovery plans.

One of the most important areas, if not the single most important one, in the disaster risk management continuum is the disaster risk assessment. Through experience and research, DMS has developed a unique disaster risk assessment model which has been used successfully in various areas to determine the local risks.The model is based on an all-risk, all-hazards and resilience focused approach.

The data gathering is the fundamental component in the risk assessment. This must include the following:

  • Hazards;

  • Critical facilities;

  • Societal information;

  • Economical information; 

  • Technological; and

  • Environmental information.

The client will be informed of data sources and additional input from the client will be incorporated in the process. 
All of these will be interpreted and quantified in the next component to compile a risk profile and enable the identification of priority risks.

With the support of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) the risk profile is available to all role players and stakeholders.

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