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Integrated Information and Communication

UNITI - an online, web-based, operational management, information and communication tool.


In today’s information-dependent world, organisations are faced with major communication unknowns, making it imperative to have an information and communication platform in place that supports disaster risk management.

DMS offers a product namely UNITI, on license from Spinning your Web (SYW). This information and communication platform can be populated with information regarding the hierarchical structures and institutional arrangements at every level of an organisation and allow for all stakeholders across these boundaries to engage with one another to share information and knowledge within their relevant forums. It is an online, web-based, operational management, information and communication tool.

It makes provision for an institutional resource database; a reporting and performance measurement facility facilitating information exchange between role players and interest groups. It facilitates disaster risk assessment, mapping, risk analysis, monitoring, tracking and inform focused disaster risk management as well as development of planning and decision making. The system facilitates timely dissemination of early warnings, public awareness and preparedness, especially for at-risk people, households, communities and areas. See more detail on the attached brochure.

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