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"Development, human growth and advancements in technology should not be done in isolation or without adequate integration of disaster risk management in order to assure success, sustainability, safety and most importantly, resilience, particularly at the community level. Climb out of your box, leave your silo, look around.... disaster risk management is everybody's business." - Francis Hoets

DMS NPC's Solution Compact Model

With the shifting of paradigms from reactive emergency management to disaster risk reduction, adaptation and resilience, there is greater emphasis on proactive pre-disaster and developmental interventions, often categorized as prevention, mitigation, and preparedness.

The illustration, developed by DMS NPC, shows two interlinking cycles, namely the developmental planning and the operational planning cycles. The three common components shared between the two cycles are: “understanding risk”; “risk reduction planning” and “early warning systems”. Supporting the two cycles illustrated, all solutions are designed to be tailored to any community context or working environment.

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Image of DMS NPC Business Approach

DMS NPC offers the following solutions:

Integrated Institutional Arrangements

A safe and resilient community requires the optimal utilisation of resources, as well as active coordination and participation of all relevant stakeholders in the community. Determining optimum institutional structures will be key to successfully ... Learn more ...

Dynamic Community Based Needs & Risk Profile

For any planning process to be successful, one must first understand local needs and the risks that communities are exposed too. The outcome of this is a dynamic community based needs and risk profile. Through participatory mapping and ... Learn more ...

Integrated Community Driven Risk Reduction Planning

Once the priority risks in any community are identified and understood, communities can begin the process of identifying and implementing plans, in collaboration with the relevant stakeholders required for the success of the projects. By employing the ... Learn more ...

Community Based Early Warning Systems (CBEWS)

Recognising international calls for action, Priority 4 of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015 – 2030 (SDFDRR), makes particular reference to building resilience by investing in and enhancing people-centred multi-hazard early warning systems, drawing on ...  Learn more ...

Developmental Planning

To ensure the growth, maturity and enhanced resilience of any community exposed to threats, a paradigm shift is required by both the community themselves, as well as those that seek to serve and protect them. This must come ... Learn more ...

Operational Planning

Once risks within communities have been identified and understood, arrangements must be made for all those priority risks that could not be eliminated through risk reduction interventions. DMS therefore facilitates the development and implementation of ... Learn more ...

Monitoring, Evaluation & Reporting

To successfully enhance community resilience, whether it be through solutions that focus on risk reduction, livelihood development, adaptation, preparedness or response, mechanisms must be established to ... Learn more ...

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